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This project rocks and uses MIT-LICENSE.


Originally, Ui Bibz was created by Thomas HUMMEL, a French Ruby developer who want to create a library facilitating the use of the Bootstrap framework in Ruby On Rails projects, so he launched the Open Source project Ui Bibz on September 5, 2015.

This library was created to avoid to write html and javascript with your components. No need to know how write a bootstrap component. No need to know new features of boostrap or html, or javascript. Just configure your component and use rails conventions.

Ui Bibz developed in Ruby with the Ruby On Rails framework. New components are added regularly to offer more choice than official components provided by Bootstrap. We are listening and open to suggestions from users of the library, so you can suggest new components or modifications of existing components from the project issues it's an Open Source project !

You can also suggest improvements to the documentation in the same way !