I am a French Ruby developer who daily seeks to progress and actively pursue knowledge and personal growth.

My pragmatism is my greatest strength.
My motto: “Never regret anything.”

Ui Bibz V2 (Framework)

Ui bibz is an interface framework for building an interface very quickly and simply using Ruby on Rails 4 and 5 and Boostrap 4.

Habour Crane (Docker)

Harbour Crane is a web application running on Docker to manage all apps through Docker.

EIME (Web App)

Eime is a referential that lets you easily perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and eco-design projects in compliance with international programmes.

10 years of experience

The combination of my skills develops and promotes design allows me to respond to specific problems at all: large accounts, SME / SMI, Independent, Artisan, Institutional, …

  • Experience

    I involved in online communication, web design (ecommerce, showcase tools, …), software, referencing, auditing, graphic identity, monitoring and maintenance.

  • Environments

    I work on Linux and Mac with Git and Github. I use Vim, Tmux and Homebrew. Developments run on RVM or Docker.

  • Languages

    Ruby, Ruby on Rails
    Javascript, Extjs, Jquery, Coffescript
    Docker, Docker-Compose
    HTML, CSS, Haml, Sass.

  • Servers

    I manage servers on Linux with Docker, Docker-compose, Upstart and other Linux tools.

  • Philosophy

    Sandy Metz rules.
    Code need to be tested.
    MVP (Model-View-Presenter) rather than MVC (Model-View-Controller).
    Open Source is good.

  • Passion

    I'm passionate by new technologies and countryside. My travels allowed me to have a creative spirit and pragmatic vision.

And after

Always looking for new opportunity, you can follow my work on Github, Linkdin, Viadeo or Twitter.