I am a French Ruby developer who daily seeks to progress and actively pursue knowledge and personal growth.

My pragmatism is my greatest strength.
My motto: "Never regret anything."

Fathome - Real estate ads by route

The real estate ads site that allows you to scrap pro and home sites linked with google maps to search an ad by route, distance or duration.

Ui Bibz V3 (Framework)

Ui bibz is an interface framework for building an interface very quickly and simply using Ruby on Rails 6 and Bootstrap 5.

Habour Crane (Docker)

Harbour Crane is a web application running on Docker to manage all apps through Docker.

EIME (Web App)

Eime is a referential that lets you easily perform Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) and eco-design projects in compliance with international programmes.

14 years experience (12 years in Ruby)

The combination of my skills develops and promotes design allows me to respond to specific problems at all: large accounts, SME / SMI, Independent, Artisan, Institutional, …

  • Experience

    I'm full stack developer involved in online communication, web design (ecommerce, showcase tools, …), software, referencing, auditing, graphic identity, monitoring and maintenance.

  • Environments

    I work on Linux and Mac with Git and Github. I use Vim, Tmux and Homebrew. Developments run on RVM or Docker.

  • Languages

    Ruby, Ruby on Rails
    Javascript, ES6, Extjs, Jquery, Coffescript, Stimulus.js
    Docker, Docker-Compose
    HTML, CSS, Haml, Sass.

  • Servers (DevOps)

    I manage servers on Linux with Docker, Docker-compose, Upstart, Systemd and other Linux tools.

  • Philosophy

    Sandy Metz rules.
    Code need to be tested.
    MVP (Model-View-Presenter) rather than MVC (Model-View-Controller).
    Pattern, pattern and pattern.
    Open Source is good.

  • Passion

    I'm passionate by new technologies and countryside. My travels allowed me to have a creative spirit and pragmatic vision. I'm vim and bépo user.

And after

Always looking for new opportunity, you can follow my work on Github, Linkdin, or Twitter.
You can download my cv here.