Getting Started

Important: Ui Bibz doesn’t use webpacker anymore (No Nodejs needed). The librairie uses the new importmap solution introduced in Ruby on Rails 7.x.x. From now on, Ui Bibz use importmap and sprocket.


Add these lines in your Gemfile:
# Gemfile
gem "ui_bibz"
Run command:
bundle install

Assets with importmap and sprocket

Put these lines in the good place:
# config/importmap.rb
pin 'ui_bibz_js', to: 'ui_bibz_js.js', preload: true
# app/javascript/applications.js
import UiBibz from 'ui_bibz_js'

let uiBibzJs = new UiBibz
# app/assets/stylesheets/application.sass
@import ui_bibz


Gem is compatible with Ruby version 3.x.x and Ruby On Rails 7.x.x.

With rails 7.x.x, Ui Bibz is compatible with hotwire and stimulus.

Simple form

Gem is compatible with simple_form. All inputs fields can be used with this gem.