Ui Bibz

Bootstrap Framework with Ruby on Rails

One component to rule them all

Ui Bibz
                  logoLibrary Ui Bibz is based on one component. All components inherit from component element. No need to write HTML, CSS or Javascript. Component are based on Bootstrap and all new version are managed by Ui Bibz. The framework is written with Ruby for Ruby on Rails.

A component will always write the same way even if HTML, CSS or Javascript code change. You can find all components of Bootstrap 5 and more.


Core Framework

Alerts, inputs, breadcrumbs, cards, cols, buttons, dropdowns and +30 components are available right now.

Content, options, html_options

Ui Bibz component is based on Ruby on Rails link_to method with some specificity.

def component content = nil, options = nil, html_options = nil, &block
Components The content can be inserting inline on content variable or by block. Options and html_options are hashes present to configure the component or his html.

That's All !

All components are based on this fundamental principe. Some elements are variant but copy on the same model.

Simple and efficient

Library is organized by namespace like UiBibz::Ui::Buttons::ButtonLink and to facilitate and improve use of Ui Bibz, helpers are created for calls render of component very easily with simple methods: cols, dropdown, button_link...

All input components are compatible with simple_form to create forms very easily.

Tested, Gemified, Installed

Components All Components are tested with unit tests (Minitest). Library follows latest version of Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap or FontAwesome and updated monthly.

Library is downloadable as gem on Rubygem or as the source code on Github.


Extension for Users

Ux interface with complex components created by developers for developers

An extensible library

table card Ui Bibz library is extensible with complex components. Usually, there are mixed components like card_table (table in card) with a search engine, pagination and sortable columns.

Components can contain Javascript, Html and CSS but the philosophy of the library for the user is to configure a component without writing HTML, Javascript or CSS code.

And After

Futurs developments

Library Open Source ready to be forked.

Open Source and forkable

The goal of the library is to help developers to build interface very quickly and easily without writing html, javascript or css. Ui Bibz is Open Source (MIT licence) and all people can fork the code to create new components.

Technology: Ruby on Rails / Javascript (Vanilla) / HTML and CSS (SASS)

To see More

You can see the web site documentation or Github source code.